Lose Weight - Drink Beer
                                   by Elaina Alexandria

Hello Bob and Friends -

Before I really begin let me brag a bit.  I've lost 25 pounds while
drinking more beer than ever.  It was all due to a diet change along
with exercise.  In fact the exercise program was the one
recommended on the BeerNexus home page.  It's
Team Body
Project   It is amazingly effective and fun to do.  But what I want to
write you about is the bum rap that beer has when it comes to weight.
I'm proof that beer is not the enemy of weight loss.

Every study I've seen says that unequivocally beer (alcohol) itself
does not directly lead to weight gain. The real culprit is the excess of
trashy foods people tend to shove in their face when they’ve had a
few.  To put it another way, alcohol has a complex interaction with
your body, one of which makes you want to eat even when you’re
not hungry.

Losing weight means you have to account for every morsel of food
you’re putting in your mouth to make sure you’re taking in fewer
calories than you expend. That's exactly what I did. Admittedly beer
has a lot of calories—and to tell the truth it has a higher caloric
content than other types of alcohol. For reference, 12 ounces of a
light beer has about 150 calories.

Of course there's no way I'm giving up craft beer for those watery
lights from the big brewers.  You can still enjoy great beer and lose
wight by following these basic suggestions.

Eat smart before you drink:
Focus on eating lean protein sources like tuna or low-fat Greek
yogurt, plenty of vegetables, and lower fat snacks like rice cakes.
You might want to consider timing a meal to be a couple of hours
before you start drinking.

Calories still count:
Remember that for every beer you consume it’s an extra cup of rice
or a small baked potato you could’ve eaten so think about that when
selecting your food.  Remember that beers with higher ABV (alcohol
by volume) tend to contain more calories,

Chase your beer with water:
One of the most amateur things you can do is drink one beer after
another without   water break in-between. The consequence of that
is you potentially might end up facing dehydration and false hunger.

Obviously, if drunk in huge quantities, beer will cause weight gain
since it does have calories.  However any type of alcohol or
excessive food intake would have the same effect. That's especially
since you tend to take very little exercise, but even then, it's nothing
more than what, say, a strict bacon sandwich diet would do to you.

As for my exercise routine I actually started with a program in one of
the BeerNexus
Special Reports called KO You Beer Belly.   As I
progressed I switched to the
Team Body Project for total body
workouts without ever having to leave my house.  They had a
beginners program which eventually got me to the intermediate level
I'm now at.  Next is the advanced program which will mean more
weight loss.

Now you might say you would lose also weight if you gave up all
beer.  True but then you'd be missing out on some real health
benefits beer brings.  Scientific studies have proven that just one
pint can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, can reduce the
risk of osteoporosis, and even keep your hair, nails and skin looking
radiant as it contains high levels of silicon.

I hope that some of this might help anyone who really loves craft
beer but also has to lose a few pounds (quite a few pounds in my
case).  This is one time you can have your cake, I mean beer, and
drink it too!

Many thanks Elaina for sending such an enlightening article.  I especially
endorse your call for healthy exercise for beer drinkers and non-
drinkers too.  And as a fellow craft beer drinker I'm pleased to see that
you defended our favorite beverage from unjust criticism.
Please write again.

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about
anything related to beer in any way just as Elania did.   I select
the best and publish them here.  So join in and get writing!

BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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