Beer For Health
by Mary Lynn Mason

Hi Bob- I really enjoy the articles on BeerNexus that explain all those  
studies that show beer is really good for you; that it can help prevent
kidney stones, strengthen bones,  aid your digestive system and so
much more.  Yet I worry about all those carbs and calories.

Well, I just read some interesting news on that very topic I want to
share with all your readers who have the same concern.  Now,
scientists have discovered another health advantage in beer: a
compound called xanthohumol, a flavonoid naturally found in hops,
can be a boon for weight loss and may help scientists create a novel
approach to addressing obesity. Tests have also shown xanthohumol
can lower cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.  Not bad, right Bob?

Of course there's a catch.  There always is.  Sadly the study said
drinking beer won’t actually help you lose weight. A pint of IPA
contains only 0.0757 mg of xanthohumol. To derive any benefits of
xanthohumol from beer, you’d have to do the impossible and drink
3,500 pints per day.  I could give it a try but..... just kidding.

Anyway, the report said that  in the future, a concentrated amount of
xanthohumol could be packed into a supplement and taken once a
day. The supplement could be a low-cost and effective treatment for
metabolic syndrome, the set of factors that increase your risk for
heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other health problems.

Researchers have long been interested in the many health benefits
of flavonoids, exploring the compounds found in tea, garlic, chocolate,
apples, and beer. Yes,  xanthohumol is in hops!! In a way, the hops  
acts as a natural hormone replacement.  Amazing!

Actual Xanthohumol is only found in the hop plant, and is not naturally
present in any other plant. Any product like beer, hop tea, or a
beverage or dietary supplement in which hops, or hop extracts, are
used may contain xanthohumol.  Exciting stuff if you ask me.

Okay but what about we folks who enjoy our beer each day?  
Well, many studies have shown it results in an increase in HDL
(good cholesterol) and a decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol), along
with an improvement in both HDL and LDL particle size.  Want
more? Drinking beer brings an increase in vitamin B6  which makes
sense because hops are loaded with the vitamin. This is important
because vitamin B6 helps to battle heart disease.  And for we women
beer is especially good since it helps prevent a decrease in bone
density. Which makes me wonder why so many women don't
drink beer.  Guess that's a topic for my next letter

I could go on but suffice to say that we beer drinkers should be
proud of our beverage of choice.  Not only is it fun, tasty, and
enjoyable it can bring a lot of health benefits, many of which have
been known for years ("Guinness I Good For You") and some of
which are the latest news from researchers around the world.

Oh, let me help you with some editing Bob.  Every article I ever see
like this always includes something about drinking in moderation.  So
everyone, moderation is advised.... in beer and everything else.

Thanks Bob.  I enjoyed writing you and hope you like my article.

Thanks for sending your article in, Mary Lynn.  I agree with you that
beer's health benefits are amazing.  You've made me feel better about
stopping for a pint later after work.  Appreciated your "editing" help -
funny but true.  Excellent job - hope you write again!

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about
anything related to beer/drinking/booze just as Henry did.   I select
the best and publish them here.  So join in and get writing.

BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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