Try Whiskey As Christmas Gift
                               by  Brian B. Finch

First let me say I'm a beer guy through and through.  Still, when it
comes to Christmas I'm often asked what makes a good gift other
than beer.  I usually say 'more beer' but when pressed here's what I
recommend- good whisky. It's an easy recommendation since more
than 60% of single malts are purchased as presents.

For afternoon drinking, I would recommend something medium bodied
say a Glenlivet, Bunnahabhain or an Oban.  Late at night you might
consider something that will really cut through and titillate the taste
buds.  I suggest something matured or finished in European oak
sherry casks. Things like the wonderfully heavy, creamy Aberlour a’
Bunadh and the Macallan Ruby fit right in. If you are partial to smoke
and peat, try Lagavulin, Bowmore, or the potent Laphroaig.

If you’re buying a gift for a seasoned whisky aficionado I suggest you
buy them a bourbon. In my opinion the best whisky is actually coming
from Kentucky at the moment. You'll likely be shocked at how good it
has become.

For example the quality of Four Roses bourbon has gone up
immeasurably and is one of the most improved brands in the world,
And Buffalo Trace, another bourbon brand, is arguably the best
distillery in the world at the moment.

Another exciting choice would be an Irish “whiskey”, such as Green
Spot, Yellow Spot or Red Breast. It is made with both malted and
unmalted barley – known as “single pot still” – and has a distinctive

Ultimately, with 4,500 different whiskies featured in the famous Jim
Murray’s Whisky Bible 2014, there is something out there for everyone.

And if all else fails, take Jim Murray’s best advice: “Always buy
something that you like, so that you can enthuse about it. If it turns
out they don’t like it, you’ll be the one to drink it when you visit.”

Many thanks to Bob and BeerNexus for providing this forum.  It's fun
to talk about fine whiskeys.  Perhaps the only thing better is to talk
about great beers.  Hey, remember, I said I was a beer guy first and

                      Happy Holidays to all!


Thanks to Brian for sending in such an interesting column.  I hope he
submits a few more on the subject of whiskey.  After all, if it was
good enough for the Beer Hunter Michael Jackson, it's good enough
for any beer fan.

Best wishes for a most merry Christmas and happy New Year to all my
readers and everyone here at BeerNexus!!


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Bob Montemurro
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