This month column was written by Bob's friend

        Lorraine Monte

Last week I met Bob for a few pints at the Mohawk House in Sparta,
NJ.  It's a great place with 42 taps of great craft beer.  I did my share
to taste as many as possible (they offer a "sampler"- four 5 oz. glasses
of any of the 42 beers) but when I hit a gold mine I asked Bob to let
me write a column about it.  He agreed so now I can shout -
Hop-heads can rejoice in a new beer from Brooklyn-based Sixpoint
Brewery called “Resin”!!

One sip of this and I was in awe. The beer is a celebration of the
bittering resin secreted from the lupulin glands of the hop cone. It's a
strong ale with an avalanche of American hop flavor. I assume that
Resin could loosely be described as a “double IPA,” but rarely I have
found that any of Sixpoint’s beers neatly fit within a particular style
guideline and this is no exception.

Bob introduced me to double IPA beers a couple of years ago (even
though he's personally not a fan of hoppy beers) and I found them
generally strong and strikingly hop dominated.  I subsequently learned
that they are brewed with roughly twice the amount of hops in the
average IPA, and have a considerably higher alcohol content. The
hops’ essence is produced within hop cones at peak maturity, when
their cores swell up with a sticky golden secretion — or resin.

I contacted the Sixpoint Brewery and they said that for such a distinct
beer they wanted to deliver a story about the organic chemical
responsible for the flavor sensations everyone would experience with
this beer. Overall they said it was a very extensive project in that they
anatomically analyzed the various features of the hop cone, and
explored the botanical feature that makes it all happen — sticky resin
oozing from the interior. The beer uses all American hops like
Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Chinook.

Sixpoint Braumeister Jan Matysiak, who joined the brewery as of late
last year, was instrumental in the recipe and brewing procedures for
Resin. “Brewing a ‘big beer’ is always a lot of fun, and an opportunity
to push one’s own creativity to the next level,” said Jan. “I am very
happy with the outcome of Resin and look forward to sharing this
extraordinary beer with Sixpoint fans and all beer connoisseurs.”
Well you can certainly count me in that group, Jan.

Resin has a very well hidden ABV of 9.1% and an IBU rating
(International Bittering Units) of 103 — a landmark for canned craft
beer. Heck, that's a landmark for just about any beer, canned or not.

There are a lot of DIPA's out there that taste so much the same, but
this one tastes a little bit different and it's better for it. It's a very
creative, even visionary take on the style.

Oh, I did ask them why they picked the name "Sixpoint" for their
brewery.  They said the name “Sixpoint” is derived from the six-
pointed brewers’ star, an ancient symbol which has adorned the walls
and equipment of craft brewers since at least the Medieval period. Who

So that's it from me.  Thanks for letting me write your column this
month Bob.  But even more thanks for picking up the tab when we
were at Mohawk House!  When are we going again?
BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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My thanks to Lorriane for this month's
column. See you next time to
"speak about beer".
Bob Montemurro
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