Drinking Protocols For The Pandemic
by Louis Christopher and Lou Vincent

Hello Bob -

We get it; bars, taprooms and gin mills alike are no longer a viable
option. So what do we do? Personally invoke the 18th Amendment?
We think not.  Here are a few suggestions:

1  Look up what your local breweries are offering. Whether it is
curbside pickup, limited seating, outside service, delivery, or
quantum entanglement. Pick your potion and make that happen.
Always support local.

2   While purchasing libations from your local retailer: Check the
date if you’re vying for IPA’s. Born on dates are extremely important.

3   Choose the proper glassware: We recommend not drinking out of
a man’s hat; no matter what Yoko Ono tells you.

4   Small Circles: No longer can we have giant group gatherings, we
should ask ourselves, what would Michael Jackson say? (not the
world renowned beer authority; the pop star) he would probably say
“Heee Heee” which is completely irrelevant.  Social distance and
wear a mask.

5   Drink with Family & Friends: In person or virtually,

6.  Remember that an outdoor patio at a pub or a backyard is better
than a crowded indoor gathering because sunlight is a good
inactivator of the virus even if it is lethal to vampires.

7.  Monitor your personal air space  Speaking generates a cloud of
tiny particles whether the person is saying something smart or really
dumb.  Clouds of tiny particles, regardless of what they carry, are
good things to avoid. Just think back to those old 1950s horror
movies where a radioactive cloud could turn a mouse into a monster.

8.  Try to always drink your beer in places that are well ventilated..
Open the windows and turn on fans.  Stagnant air can be dangerous
air. Note - research has shown that fanning yourself with an old
might keep germs away but it will definitely will give you a
sore arm.

We've tried to have some fun with a serious subject.  We hope
everyone stays safe and seriously follows all the appropriate

That's it from us..  Thanks Bob!

Thanks to Louis and Lou for their article. They gave us some excellent
suggestions in an entertaining way. With mnimal effort it's possible to  
enjoy beer during these tough times and still keep yourself and others

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about
anything related to beer in any way just as Louis and Lou did.  I select
the best and publish them here.  So join in and get writing!

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