Let's Be Thankful
submitted by Diane Samsone

Hello Bob -

As this hellacious year of 2020 finally ends, something has become
apparent to me — a steady supply of beer and positivity is never a
bad thing. With that in mind, and this being the season for giving
thanks, I decided to write you with a little positivity and praise the
things all of us enjoy most about —what else — beer.

As I raise my glass please join me in a toast to water, hops, barley,
and yeast! You really are the best. Thank you, German beer purity
laws, you did a heckuva job getting brewers in line, and thanks to
the rule-breakers who paint outside them.

Three cheers for boat beers, beach beers, beers at the turn, beers
in the bleachers, or beers anywhere! Beer cart, you're the only
golfing buddy that can make shooting a 109 (OK, 139) seem not-so-

Hey, beer man! I promise nobody rocks the arena/concert/stadium
crowd like you (at least when we could get in.) We'll never take you
for granted again. Also, since you're here, we'll take two local beers,
and you keep the change.  And of course bar none, beer runs are
the best runs.

Thank you for celebratory beers, the occasional somber brew, and
contemplative cold ones. You're all timely and essential in your own

Sincere respect to those beers made for a cause; you've reminded
us of our "Resilience," that we're "All Together," and that we should
all help giving to others. To the brewers/breweries producing those
open-source recipes: Sierra Nevada, Other Half, and Weathered
Souls, respectively — a standing ovation.  

To light beers, dark beers, macros (hey, it happens) and micros, the
beers that "taste like a beer," and the beer that tastes like biscotti,
toasted coconut, maple, Mexican Cake —with notes of bourbon
barrel — you are all appreciated here.  

Kudos glassware! Steins, stanges, snifters, tekus, pints, and even
the red solo cup: thank you for reminding us that beauty and beer
come in all shapes and sizes. To the "get there early" exclusive
bottle drops and the "come as you are" all-inclusive tasting rooms,
you're where the fun is at!  

Barrels, kegs, growlers, crowlers, cans, and bottles, what would we
do without you? A special thanks to "tall boy" cans for always giving
us 125% — 16 ounces of maximum effort. 12-ounce cans, we still
love ya.

Let's hear it for bottle shops, bottle swaps, bottle shares, and beer
razzle. OK, maybe not you, razzles — ya beer budget destroying
games of chance! Octoberfests, beer fests, and festbiers — we miss
ya, but we'll see you soon!

Brewers, distributors, servers, sellers, and cellarmen/women, there
is no brew without you, and that is not a world we want to be in. Keep
doing what you do. To the old school joints, and craft beer pumps
everywhere...a well-deserved tip of the hat.

Speaking of pioneers, how about the trailblazers opening breweries
in places long forgotten. Thank you for extending the footprint of
craft beer.

Big thanks to you Bob and your readers especially those who send
in articles.  You help keep craft beer alive and vibrant.  And of
course you give me something to look forward reading each month.
It's a treat to hear the voice of real beer lovers.  Lastly thanks to
BeerNexus for being about just about beer and staying ad free.

That's it from me.  Happy New Year, Bob!
Thanks Diane for a terrific article. I'm sure our readers join you in
toasting all those who make craft beer great!  Your upbeat attitude is
one that will hold people in good stead as we enter the post-Covid beer

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about
anything related to beer in any way just as Diane did.  I select the best
and publish them here.  So join in and get writing!

BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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