Tips To Stay Connected
                                  by Kristen. Coffey

Hello Bob -

The coronavirus pandemic had almost sent me into a "social
recession."  With social distancing enforced and the need for
everyone to stay inside to help curb the spread of the coronavirus,
that's no surprise.

Being together in public spaces, whether it's at the grocery store or
a civic space like a park, are all elements that contribute to our
collective sense of well-being.  Not being able to do that I think adds
to a sort of collective stress.  

But just because we can't physically be with each other doesn't
mean we can't emotionally or mentally be together. It's all about
staying connected — which is pretty easy, thanks to technology.
So I'd like to share a few ways that worked for me to put real
meaning to the word social in social distancing.

I'm technologically challenged but it took me only about  0 minutes to
figure out Zoom.  I loved it once I got the hang of it. I've spent lots of
time  chatting with friends.. In fact I now have several scheduled
meetins with different groups each week.  It's always fun.

I also had a virtual dinner last week with a friend who lives in another
state.  We each made pasta then opened a bottle of wine and
enjoyed ourselves almost as much as if we were in our favorite

hI admit to really enjoying a 5 PM virtual "Quarantini Party" with
friends a couple of days a week.  We start each meeting with
everyone giving a toast, virtually clinking glasses, and having a sip
of our drink.  The some seem to favor real martinis but others like
me are beer first folks.

I can also confirm that a couple of friends enjoy virtual beer pong.  I
didn't get it until they said it is possible but you need 4 phones one
on each couple, playing and one on each set of cups.  That's not for
me but I like their ingenuity.

If like me you really miss the gym, don't worry. Consider doing an
online workout class with a friend. There are plenty of YouTube
channels.  My favorite is Team Body Project.  Their so good I might
just join them full time even when the guys open up again.

I mainly use Zoom but you might try Houseparty which gives you a
split screen look at callers in the "house" and allows eight people on
the call at once,  It also allows you to play game options with
whoever you're video chatting with, such as entertainment trivia.

But staying connected with people doesn't always need to involve
seeing their face, as great as that is. For example, you can start a
Google Doc with friends.

There's also "Netflix Party," an extension that lets multiple Netflix
users watch a show together from different locations. It's a lot of fun
but the extension is only available for Google Chrome browsers

All I can say is after all that interacting you might want to spend
some time just by yourself!  Just kidding.  

Hope some of readers give a few of these a try.  It might help make
this bad situation a bit better.
You give us quite a few ways to stay connected with people that are
easy and effect
ive.  In times like these I think they will be a great help to
a lot of  people. Thanks for sending, Kristen.

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about anything
related to beer in any way just as Kristen did.  I select the best and
publish them here.  So join in and get writing!

BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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