Small Breweries Need Our Help
                                 by Dave B. Simone

Hello Bob -

If ever there was a time for a cold craft beer, it’s now. And if ever
there was a time to support the local brew masters who make that
beer its definitely now as they are faced with economic uncertainty.

As you know in response to the closures amid the COVID-19
pandemic, many craft breweries have been relegated to offering
beer pickup orders, and brewpubs have been limited to takeout food
orders or bottle shop transactions. Even with that many are
seemingly in danger of closing as revenues have plummeted. If
many of these places fail it will not only mean the loss of great beer
but many jobs. I live in upstate New York.  The craft brewing industry
here is valued at over 5 billion-dollars and is responsible for 20,000
jobs across the state according to the NY Brewers' Assoc.. Those
are significant numbers for sure.

New York breweries are currently allowed to sell packaged beer in a
closed, sealed container for curbside pickup and home delivery. All
home delivery orders must be delivered by the licensee and/or their
employees or by a licensed third-party delivery service and accom-
panied with the purchase of a food item.  Because of that single
small bags of potato chips have become a popular commodity.

There are also a number of options that would help breweries as I
see it. The government could allow tax and loan payment
deferments, no-interest loans and the elimination of late payment
fees on bills to name a few. Although this will not fill the financial loss
in both jobs and revenue in the short term, it will help breweries
survive in these unprecedented times.

The spirit of craft beer is fostered by the community. Craft breweries
provide their communities with a place to gather, entertainment,
food, and of course, fresh craft beer. The situation has flipped and
now the craft beer community needs  to support the breweries more
than ever before.  To do that I am urging consumers to continue to
purchase beer from local breweries via carryout, curbside pickup,
and home delivery, as well as merchandise and gift certificates from
breweries' online stores.

One thing that really helps us here in NY is that the our Brewers
Association has created and "Official New York State Craft Beer
App"available for all mobile devices. The app features a map of
every brewery in the state along with special hours, beer lists and
more.  I've used it many times as I'm sure many other people who
care about craft have done so too  I hope every state develops
something like this.

I've seen more than a few articles that predict up to 75% of craft
breweries will never reopen if they are forced to remain closed until
the fall.  I don't think that will happen but just in case,we all should do
our part now.  After all we'd be buying the beer anyway.

Thanks to you Bob and your many readers for listening.  Cheers.
Thanks for a fine article, Dave  I think you have an important message
that we all should take to heart if we want to see our local breweries

I'd like to  invite everyone to send me their own columns about anything
related to beer in any way just as Dave did.  I select the best and
publish them here.  So join in and get writing!

BeerNexus proudly presents

Bob Montemurro
"the ombudsman of beer"

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