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Conclusion -                                                                              19        

Brewing your own beer is a small hobby that can attract a large audience.  Brewing outdoors adds a
new dimension and makes it seem almost limitless.  
Remember to keep a log of all your batches and take lots of notes.  You will refer to them from time to
time to build on your technique.  Mark each batch with consecutive numbers or whatever code you
devise.  Design some labels and really be creative.  Some day you might want to enter a competition
to win a prize or get some constructive criticism.  Always read as much as you can to advance your
brewing skills and techniques.
Try to save some full bottles for future sampling.  I know it won’t be easy.  Imagine trying that amber
ale aged nine months or a year.  It’s really worth it.
Go for it!  The best brew is homebrew!!
Brewing Summary                                                                               20

Gather ingredients

Prepare equipment
Soak tubing and plastic pieces in bucket of cleaner

Set up burner

For 5 Gal. batch
Boil 6 1/2 Gal. water

Shut off gas-stir in extract

Bring back to boil and add hops according to recipe

Boil one hour

Cool as quickly as possible  60-65 F

Transfer wort to fermenter and check S.G.

Pitch yeast and aerate

Cap with airlock and set aside in fermentation area
Bottling Summary                                                                               21

After fermentation is completed:

Sanitize 55-60 12 oz. prepped bottles in the diswasher or rinse manually and set aside

Soak tubing and plastic pieces in a bucket of cleaner solution

Clean and sanitize primer bucket with transfer valve

For a 5 Gal. batch dissolve 5/6 cup ( 1/2 + 1/3 ) corn sugar in 1 1/2 c water - double for 10 Gal. batch  -
boil 5 min.- cool with cover on - amount can be adjusted in future depending on carbonation preference

Pour primer solution in primer bucket, rack beer avoiding sediment

Take final S.G.

Place bucket on table or countertop, attach tubing with bottle filler to transfer valve then rest tip in clean

When ready open transfer valve to fill tubing with beer and begin filling bottles one at a time, set bottle
down on deck or floor

Put  on cap and continue with rest of bottles

When all are filled crimp cap with capper, wipe and place in case box, mark bottles and move to
fermentation area

Allow 2 weeks to carbonate then try one
Typical Record Keeping Forms                               22

#       1                                Golden Ale            Date________

Malt         6        lbs.   William’s Light Extract                                           
Hops        1        oz.     Fuggles                                    @   5        min.

Additives   __1__ tsp.    Gypsum

Yeast              Wyeast 1056  American Ale   125ml                              _
         Starter date/volume __________________________
Water    6 ½     gal.    Source ____________________________
Boil  Time  ___60__ min.
S.G.        _______

Notes           Bring water to a boil add gypsum, shut off heat, stir in extract, return to boil, after 5 min add hops, Boil 50 min
add immersion cooler return to boil, cover (watch for boilover), at 60 min.-remove from heat-Place in water vat-cool to 70
F -Transfer to fermenter-aerate pitch yeast -cap/3 piece airlock- place in fermentation area @ 70F till active then 60-70F
After 2 weeks rack to clean carboy and 2 weeks or more bottle.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bottling Date
___________    Final S.G.  __________

#      2                               American Lager         Date ________

Malt           6      lbs.       Light Extract                                         _
        1      lbs.       Light Dried Malt Extract (DME)            _
Hops          1      oz.       Mount Hood                          @       5    min.
         1     oz.        Mount Hood                          @      55   min.
Additives      1    tsp. Gypsum  
Yeast          North American Lager  Wyeast 2272  125 ml.  
         Starter date/volume __________________________
Water     61/2 gal.    Source ____________________________
Boil  Time  __60__  min.
S.G.        _______

Notes     Bring water to boil add gypsum, shut heat, stir in extracts, return to boil , after 5 min. add 1 oz. Hops, boil 50 min. add 1 oz. Hops and immersion cooler and return to boil, cover , in 5 min. shut heat remove kettle to water bath, cool to 70 F, transfer to fermenter, aerate pitch yeast, cap/3 piece airlock , move to 70 F area, move to 48-56F when activity starts rack after 3 weeks bottle in 2 weeks or more.   
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bottling date                
_                Final Gravity                         _

#       3                                    Amber  Ale      Date ________

Malt         6        lbs.      Amber  extract                                           _                                   
      1        lbs.      60  L   Crystal  Malt                                _
Hops        1        oz.    Northern Brewer                       @     5      min.
       1       oz.    Kent Goldings                           @    45    min.
Additives        1   tsp. Gypsum  
Yeast         1968 London ESB   125 ml.            _
         Starter date/volume __________________________
Water         6 ½    gal.    Source ____________________________
Boil  Time     60    min.
S.G.        _______

Notes __Place crystal malt in steeping bag , put bag in kettle water at 150 F steep 15-30 min. – remove and drip- don’t wring out.   Add gypsum, bring kettle to a boil shut off heat, stir in Extracts, return to boil, after 5 min. add 1 oz. Hops, after 40 more min.add 1 oz hops, at 45 min. put in immersion cooler return to boil cover, at 60min.shut off heat remove kettle to water bath, cool to 70 F ,transfer To fermenter, aerate pitch yeast, cap/3-piece airlock, set in 70F  till active then 62-72F Rack after 2 weeks to a clean carboy  and bottle in 2 weeks or more  

Bottling Date ___________    Final S.G.  ________

#     4                                  Capt’s  Stout            Date ________

Malt           6      lbs.   English  dark extract                                  _
       1       lbs.   Chocolate malt                                           _
       1     _lbs.    Weizenmalt DME                                      _
Hops        1___ oz.     Cascade                                  @     5     min.
  ­      1      oz       Kent Goldings                        @     40   min.
Additives       1    tsp. Calcium Carbonate
Yeast             1084 Irish Ale  125 ml.      
         Starter date/volume __________________________
Water     6 ½    gal.    Source ____________________________
Boil  Time    60    min.
S.G.        _______

Notes  Similar procedure to # 3
Bottling Date ___________    Final S.G.  __________

Comments  ____________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________                                               21 21121                                     

#      5                                  Irish  Ale                       Date ________
                                    10 Gal.

Malt        20        lbs.      Mountmellick   Light  Extract                       
Hops      3          oz.      Perle                                          @      5    min.
      1         oz.      Perle                                          @      50  min.
Additives   2   tsp. Gypsum  
Yeast             Wyeast  1084 Irish Ale                           
         Quart Starter- date _____________________________
Water     12     gal.    Source ______________________________
Boil  Time      60     min.
S.G.        ________

Notes    In the 15.5 Gal kettle boil 10 Gal water ,shut off heat ,stir in extract , return to boil 5 min. add hops, on a separate burner boil 2 Gal water and slowly add to kettle as volume is reduced by boiling. This will increase the yield. At 50 min. add 1 oz hops ,immersion cooler return to boil ,cover (watch for boilover) ,at 60 min shut off heat ,place kettle in water bath, cool to 70 F , transfer, aerate pitch yeast, set at 70 F till active then 62-72F rack after 2 weeks bottle 2 weeks later.

F.G,__________   Bottling date ________________

# ______                     _______________________    Date ______

Malt    _______ lbs. ___________________________________
 _______ lbs. ___________________________________
 _______ lbs. ___________________________________
Hops _______ oz. __________________________@______ min.
_______ oz. __________________________@______ min.
_______ oz. __________________________@______ min.
Additives   ______ tsp. Gypsum  or Calcium Carbonate
Yeast         __________________________________________
         Starter date/volume __________________________
Water     _____ gal.    Source ____________________________
Boil  Time  __________  min.
S.G.        _______


Bottling Date ___________    Final S.G.  __________
Comments  ____________________________________________________

Hope you enjoyed reading my book.  Just follow the directions and you'll be well on your way to
enjoying a great hobby and drinking your own fine home brew!!

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